Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is lilac and lavender the same thing? and if they're not, whats tyhe difference?

i was reading the bottle of shampoo and it said scent of lilac and lavender

Is lilac and lavender the same thing? and if they%26#039;re not, whats tyhe difference?
They are different species of plants. common Lavender (Lavandula_angustifolia) belong to mint family whilecommon lilac (Syringa vulgaris)belong to olive family. Lavender is pale purple while lilac is dark purple, they both used as fragrance.
Reply:They%26#039;re two different scents from two different plants. To me, lilac has a sweeter scent than lavender; lavender has a slightly %26quot;sharp%26quot; scent to me. Lavender is an herb; lilac is a small (or sometimes BIG) shrub.
Reply:no, two different plants... lilac grows into a large tree/shrub... very distinct scent, strong, smells like spring..

lavender is a strong scent, but more subtle.. it grows on a flowering bush.. smaller plant... well established plants have tons of purple spike flowers..
Reply:Lilac is one kind of flower and Lavender is a different kind of flower. Although both are a purple color they both have different scents.

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