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How to treat lilac leaf problems?

The leaves on my standard lilac go brown soon after they open someone told me to use copper fungicide but the instructions dont mention lilacs so i%26#039;m not sure what strength to use as the strengths vary from 1litre of water 1 sachet to 4 litres of water to 1 sachet anyone got any ideas


How to treat lilac leaf problems?
Lilac disorder: Bacterial blight

this is a PDF

Bacterial blight

..........Cornell University

............ Cooperative Extention

Causes new growth to turn dark brown and die back quickly. Cut out and destroy infected shoots as soon as symptoms appear disinfecting tools between cuts. When severe, spray with copper fungicides once in mid-September.

You haven%26#039;t missed the time by that much so I would go ahead and try it.

Chemical Management

Pesticides should only be used if the disease is severe. In New York State, homeowners may be able to use

******* some fungicides

********containing copper

(as elemental copper, copper ammonium carbonate, or basic cupric sulfate) for management of Bacterial Blight. Some products containing Bacillus subtilis may also be used. An application needs to be made early in the spring before the pathogen infects the host plant. See individual pesticide labels for instructions.

The above links should answer any questions you have about lilacs
Reply:copper fungicide is to treat peach leaf curl or potato blight

it sounds as if you are keeping the plant too dry
Reply:lack of water or a fungi, try spraying with recomended strength.
Reply:try the 1 to 4 treatment first, if this fails move up to a 2 to 4 mixture. good luck

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